Thursday 6 August 2009

Made these last week and my new finds in Norfolk

Made these two necklaces while i was down in Norfolk last week.
I just did a few hours a night beading while chilling out in the caravan and i love how they have turned out.
The daisy one will be a birthday present for one of my neices and the Egyptian looking one will be for my sister as i know she will just love it.

I bought this bust from a car boot sale in Scotland (i love car boot sales) for £1.00 and its ideal for showing off my jewellry.
Heres a close up. I must admit they are much more shiny in real life.

Anyway we took Harry for a little Holiday to Norfolk in the caravan last week and the weather was really kind to us and we all had a great time.

Harry went in the sea for the first time and i will put a video up of it when i figure out how to do it as it is really funny.

We always go to a few car boots while we are down there and these are some of my finds from this trip.

A gorgeous victorian photo album thats just itching to be altered for 50 pence. Heres a pic of it open and look how the pages are all aged and grungy.I love the Gothic arch shapes of the windows to.

A bag full of vintage glass beads for £3.00

6 cabinet cards for 50 pence.

A bag of semi precious stone pendants for £1.00

A silver plated double frame for 25 pence.

A pair of reproduction art nouveau frames for 50 pence.

I also got a huge bag of assorted seed beeds and findings for £2.00, a really unusual and weird doll for £3.00 and 5 paper back novels for £1.00.

So i am going to have fun now this winter when the gardening season is over and do some altered art projects.


craftimamma said...

Oooh, you've set me off now Robert! I want to go scrounging a car boot sale. I've had a pitch at one a couple of times but never been browsing round one.

You got a lot of lovely goodies there. I love that album and the art deco frames.

Lesley Xx

Kathryn said...

The eygptian necklace is fab, well they both are but i like that one most

The Craft Oracle said...

We don't have the luxury of car boots here !!!! lol
Love the fact that you are 'dabbling' in beads too, as well as all the other stuff ... you're just so multi-talented... lmao. Janetxxx

Gordon said...

Lesley just give me a shout when you want to go to one around here and i will take you to the best ones as long as we dont start squabbling for the same things haha.
Thanks Kathryn i got the pattern for it from this months Bead magazine.
Janet you may not get car boots but i bet you can get some fabulous African beads that we never see over here you lucky thing.
Smiles Robert.

tea_bag said...

well done on your wonderful finds will keep watch on your blog to see what you do with them alma x