Thursday 26 August 2010

MADAME BUTTERFLY Another Altered Book Spread

Hi everone.

We were making paper dolls at the last class and it was real fun .

Heres another spread in my altered book which i have really enjoyed doing.
For these pages i used Red and Black acrylics sponged manically onto the pages.

I then took a large tag and painted it with Studio Acrylics and Distress inks.
Then applied a stencil and highlighted it in places with a white Ranger Pen and when it was dry cut it in half Length ways to form another layer and also a background.

I then made a paper doll to represent my version of Madame Butterfly.
Her Head dress, Ruff and bodice is made entirely from butterfly rubber stamps and Images that i manipulated in various ways until i had the effect i wanted.
I glued her to another paper doll that i never got round to finishing and then attached her to my page.

Heres a close up of Madame Buttetfly in all her glory
I hope you like her and i will post the finished spread later as i am going on to start another couple of pages and then come back to madame when i decide what to do to the other page.
Smiles Rob xxx

Friday 13 August 2010

Altered Book in Progress

Hello all

I have been attending a brilliant mixed media class on Mondays as i needed to just have a day of doing art stuff for myself as i was getting edgy and had hit a brick wall as far as my art was concerned .

As well as learning new techniques i have also made some great new friends and we all splodge paint around eat naughty food and laugh a lot which is the best art therapy in the world as far as im concerned.

I am working on an Altered Book and my theme for it is Things with Wings .

So here are a few pics to let you see how im getting on with it.

The first pic shows the book after i have glued pages together and then used paints and inks to add some colour

The next pic shows how i have built up the depth of the pages using more inks and paints using Rubber Stamps and Stencils.

And finally heres the first spread i have done and its almost finished and its supposed to represent Bingo Wings. It just needs a bit more doing to it but i will leave it for now until i decide what to add.

So as you can see i am having a fabby time and will keep you all up to date with how the book is getting along.

Smiles Rob xxx