Thursday 16 April 2009

ATCs I Just Cant Part With

I know how sad is that but sometimes i make an ATC and just dont want to part with it.
Sometimes its the colours i have used others its the image and sometimes i have just loved the process and discovered new ways of using things.
So now i always make a second one and that way it doesnt hurt when you have to say goodbye to a beloved ATC haha.

Here are a few of my favorite ATCs and they may not be everybodys cup of tea but i loved making them.

Its the little things like mona lisa leaning out of the window to have a quick puff of her cigarette and the smoke trailing away in the wind ( i wander if she really did do that can you imagine hehe).

So there you go a few of my favorites and i bet im not the only one who makes duplicates or am i.


Lorri said...

Gorgeous Cards Robert :)
No, You are not the only one who makes duplicates. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I must admit I like the idea of having a one-off at times. Also, sometimes I use whatever is on my desk - could be a bunch of crap haha and so I only get to make the one card.
Thanks for your support on our store move - it's a huge job as you are well aware. Scary and I hope it IS the right thing for us. Thanks for your kind words - take care my friend xo

Unknown said...

These are yummy Robert ... no wonder you want to keep one for you! Hopefully catch up with you at Ally Pally?????

Shari said...

What a fabulous idea to make duplicates!! I can't believe that I never considered doing that. I was just thinking this week about how much of my art I have given away and how much I miss having some of those pieces for myself. Actually, I just made some new ATC's (after a very long creative dry spell) and brought them to a live trade on Friday---I could not part with them!! There were some lovely pieces to trade for, but I just needed to keep the ones I made for myself. Too bad I didn't make duplicates, then I could have kept my own and had some new additions to add to my collection as well!!

Love your work. Maybe we can trade some time.

Lynne K said...

Hi Robert. Wonderful ATCs. I know exactly what you mean. I keep far more of mine than I swap. I do make duplicates when I have time. Your blog is an inspiration. There's an award for you over on mine here.