Monday, 10 December 2007


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Sorry i havnt posted or joined in any challenges lately
On Friday at 4.10 pm our liitle boy Barney sadly died peacefully and suddenly with us by his side at home.
After 3 weeks of tests and x-rays he was finally diagnosed with Addisons disease which he has probably had since birth or contacted years ago.
This horrid virus is virtually undetectable and slowly Very slowly takes your life without you knowing it.
By the time the symptoms are recognised it is usually too late.
We are both devastated and so upset he was only 10 and such a happy little chap.
Barney thank you for coming into our lives and being such a lovely friend,giving us so much LOVE and making us so happy.
We love and miss you terribly and our hearts are broken
from your 2 daddys
Robert and Gordon xxx


crissi said...

so sorry to hear your sad news about Barney Hugs to you both.
crissi xx

Deborah said...

So sorry for your loss.

J.D. Scorpio said...

Hello Robert:
I am so sorry to hear about Barney..! I Can sympathize with you and know just what you are feeling, you see, we lost our Grandson, Warren, he was 11 years old. On 4/8/03, he was pronounced dead following being run down by an 18 year old girl! He and his dad were jogging when this happened. He was living in Grimsby Lincolnshire,UK, and he went to Saint James School school there. When this happened, he was visiting his dad in Louisiana, USA. His dad was hurt real bad too, he is still having trouble with his legs. Oh, and he has a step brother there in the UK and his name is Robert also, Spencer is his last name. If you go to my blog you can read the write up surrounding the entire ordeal!
On a brighter note, I scanned through your handy work and really enjoyed it, it looks like it takes a lot of patients for that kind of work, not to mention the skill….!
Please feel free to visit my blog and if you feel like leaving a comment please do so. Have a great day……….. JD

Lydia said...

Sorry to hear your news :0( Hugs to you both ((((Hugs))))

Sam Morris said...

:( Their time with is always so short, take comfort in the fact that you gave him a wonderful life ... huge belated hugs for your loss

Anne said...

Oh my.... :o( I can only imagine how you must have felt, and I hope you're both dealing with it OK. I have two westies and I cannot for one second imagine our lives without either of them. Thoughts with you :o(