Sunday, 29 June 2008

Meet Harry our new baby

This is Harry who has come to live with us and we are so happy.
Harry is a Cockapoo a cross with a cocker spaniel and a poodle.
He is 12 weeks old and we have had him for almost two weeks.
Our lives have been so empty since we lost Barnie last December and now having Harry around its just brightened our world up and we are all getting along just fine.
He is a lovely little charactor so playful bouncy and loving.
We named him after Gordons grandpa who sadly passed away a few weeks ago.
I have just put our names down for puppy training classes which we start in two weeks time
so i will keep you informed on how we are doing

Saturday, 28 June 2008

What ive been doing

Havnt posted since April as ive been really busy gardening.
Wanted to grow my own veg this year so in March i turned the conservatory into a greenhouse and started all my seeds off.
As you can see from the picture they all did really well and had sprang to life by mid April.
Last October Gordon made me three raised
beds on the walled side of the garden as it was a bit of a mess and needed something doing to it. We also took the old paving slabs up and made a pebbled area and behind the beds we made a woodbark area so we could add fruit bushes.
As you can see in the pictures its really looking good and im so proud of my little veg and fruit patch,I have used one bed for strawberrys only and next month they should be ready for eating.
The middle bed has runner beans,kidney beans,French beans,peas,carrots and mooli a large indian radish that is fab raw or cooked.
The last bed has pac choi,lettuce,brussels sprouts,brocoli,radish,oions,garlic and beetroot.
In front of the kitchen i have tomatoes,courgettes,and herbs growing.